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A New Polaris Snocross Sled?

PolarisWinter Racing

It’s been nearly ten years since Polaris made any changes to their snocross sled, the IQ Racer. It appears as though they are at it once again, finally! Check out this photo from the Polaris Facebook account.


We don’t know much, about this mystery racer, and Polaris is being pretty quiet on the whole thing. But we do know that it’s a brand new race sled,with a new body style. And it’s been engineered using race-ready AXYS design standards, and it will have better ergonomics to help racers “rip[sic] harder.” Pretty Cool.
We should expect that all mod competition sleds will use a modified AXYS chassis this coming snocross season and Judging from the picture, it’s ready to go, The chasis looks like a hybrid of the IQ and AXYS. If the design principles hold true to the goals of the buyer, then Polaris pro riders (Ross Martin, Kody Kamm, Kyle Pallin, etc.) will be have a much lighter chassis to whip around.
If I had to guess, the new consumer AXYS machines, Polaris won’t change much about their 600cc Liberty engine. They’ve been using it for years. They’ll take the same engine, but it will benifit from the ligheter weight chasis. On the other hand, the 800cc version of the AXYS, will have a new high output engine: a light weight crankshaft, quick revving, engine-bypass and more. With the current 600cc engine restrictions on track, we might still see Polaris testing a new consumer engine, hopefully with the same basic improvements.

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