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What Happened to Snowmobile Racing on TV?

Winter Racing

Beginning in the nineties, snocross racing was the ‘place to be. It was the very best racing venue around at the time and it became the the testing ground for new tech that would ultimately benefit consumer trail sleds: new advances in suspension, chassis designs and even clothing made huge leaps forward.

There is always a need for a pro circuit. The 70s Sno-Pro Oval circuit is considered by many to be the glory days. That side of racing got hit by recession in the early 1980s. Racing organizations have been coming and going ever since. The 1990s brought with it an effective consensus… Snocross was the major league of snowmobile racing.

MRP led the Midwest circuit and they were eventually bought out by the WSA – with some manufacturer backing. The new group had great plans and the industry wanted national TV coverage to advance its marketing power. Nevertheless, getting snowmobile racing on national Television coverage is a demanding and expensive.

In fact, the new race organization had to employ an outside production company to create the race program, and find advertising partners to cover time on the tube. All of this costs money and those costs quickly began racking up to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. This type of $$$ is a BIG DEAL for such a small industry.

After some time TV costs swept up with WSA, who eventually bowed out from the snocross game. A group of investors met up and formed WPSA, but did not fare far better. After a few seasons in addition they found themselves within an untenable position. Would this finally be the finish of pro snocross? Would the industry decrease an even into unorganized local races without circuit to follow? After that sort of a beating, who would actually intensify and save the snocross pro circuit?

Here we are in 2016, and it looks like snowcross is back, with ISOC-sanctioned AMSOIL Championship Snocross (ACS). There are eight national races continuing through 2016 season. It began with the AMSOIL Duluth National at Spirit Mountain in Duluth, Minn.

The ACS is thenew premier snocross series in the world, and it’s sanctioning races throughout THE UNITED STATES. The world’s best racers, including Group AMSOIL riders Lincoln Lemieux, Tim Tremblay and Ross Martin are all ACS riders.

Check your listings for all televised ACS events!


Staying Warm During Winter Racing

Winter Racing

images (3)Not everyone loves winter, but those who do like the cold weather and the snow have a pleasure in taking part in different competitions. It’s not just skiing that can be done during winter, but you can also take part in running marathons, racings with the ATVs or with snowmobiles and so on.

However, there’s more than just one trick that you have to know about if you want to take part in a winter racing. It’s not at all like summer, when all you have to wear is easy clothes and a cap. During the winter you have to be as protected as you can, because the cold can affect the health of some people, even if they don’t feel it right at that moment.

Let’s see what you can do to stay warm during any kind of racing during the winter.

Warm Before Starting

If you take part in a running competition, it’s essential to do a warm-up before the racing starts. You need to get the blood flowing a little more faster in your body, as this will help you stay warm and feel less cold. You can do stretches or easy movements, to increase the temperature of your muscles and your heart rate. This will help you fell less stress when you actually start running or using the ATV or whatever else you might be doing in the snow.

Adequate Clothes

When you use the ATVs, you need to have proper clothes for the competition. You can’t use just a pair of jeans and fancy boots. There are special equipments that you need to use to protect every part of your body – not just for accidental injuries, but also for staying warm. On an ATV, you reach a higher speed edd476e7e7e7f0c17259b2fbaa10157cthan by walking, so your body needs to stay warm for as long as the race takes place.

However, things change if you take part in a running competition. There is also a special equipment, but that one is lighter and specially made to allow you free movement. You need to wear some clothes that you can discard once you’ve got warmer and you’ve started running. Wear those clothes over your running equipment until you get a little warmer and feel comfortable enough to throw them away.

Warmth for the Hands and Head

It’s said that through the skin of your head you lose most of the body-heat. Knowing this, you need to wear something to keep your head warm throughout the race. Do the same for your hands and your feet, and you won’t have any problem. This is also because those parts are most exposed to the cold and if the temperature is too low, there can appear cases of frozen fingers.

If you’re running in the snow, use light outfits for your hands, but if you use an ATV or a snowmobile, use proper gloves to keep your hands extra warm. Do the same for your feet and head, as those are also exposed to low temperatures.


Your body has more thaimages (1)n 755 of water, so whenever you do physical effort, you need to hydrate as much as you can. This is valid for any kind of racing, no matter if you’re on your ATV, if you’re running or if you’re skiing. It’s adequate to drink a proper amount of water to keep your body hydrated before and after the racing is done. However, make sure that you don’t drink cold water, especially after you have finished the race – your body will be heated and cold water can do some damage. The water should be at the room temperature (if it’s possible) and you need to drink it with slow sips.

A New Polaris Snocross Sled?

PolarisWinter Racing

It’s been nearly ten years since Polaris made any changes to their snocross sled, the IQ Racer. It appears as though they are at it once again, finally! Check out this photo from the Polaris Facebook account.


We don’t know much, about this mystery racer, and Polaris is being pretty quiet on the whole thing. But we do know that it’s a brand new race sled,with a new body style. And it’s been engineered using race-ready AXYS design standards, and it will have better ergonomics to help racers “rip[sic] harder.” Pretty Cool.
We should expect that all mod competition sleds will use a modified AXYS chassis this coming snocross season and Judging from the picture, it’s ready to go, The chasis looks like a hybrid of the IQ and AXYS. If the design principles hold true to the goals of the buyer, then Polaris pro riders (Ross Martin, Kody Kamm, Kyle Pallin, etc.) will be have a much lighter chassis to whip around.
If I had to guess, the new consumer AXYS machines, Polaris won’t change much about their 600cc Liberty engine. They’ve been using it for years. They’ll take the same engine, but it will benifit from the ligheter weight chasis. On the other hand, the 800cc version of the AXYS, will have a new high output engine: a light weight crankshaft, quick revving, engine-bypass and more. With the current 600cc engine restrictions on track, we might still see Polaris testing a new consumer engine, hopefully with the same basic improvements.

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